Atlanta Family Karate For All Ages

What do we offer?

Atlanta Family Karate offers traditional Okinawan Shido-kan Karate classes at private schools and community centers in the North Atlanta area. As a non-competitive sport, everyone can benefit from karate, regardless of age, physical size and strength and athletic ability. No previous training is necessary to begin training, and students may start at anytime!

Karate instruction for preschool and elementary school ages are currently held in Alpharetta and Cumming and we are exploring schools in the Canton and Woodstock areas for expansion. Workshops and private lessons are offered for students who desire to accelerate their knowledge and advancement to higher belt levels.  We are also available for children’s Birthday Parties.

Classes are typically scheduled for sessions which correspond to school semesters of 12 or more weeks and are ongoing so that students may start at anytime. Session Tuition can typically be prorated if you start after a session begins. New Student Starter Kits (required for new students) are available from your instructor which includes a traditional white karate uniform (jacket, pants, belt) and tote bag (for children). Training equipment, sparring gear, new uniforms and other martial arts supplies are also available from your instructor.


Karate is an ART that cultivates positive thinking.

What are the benefits of karate?

Karate is an efficient form of physical conditioning that can be practiced by children, men and women of all ages, regardless of size and ability.  Strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and cardio exercise are just a few of the fitness benefits from regular karate training.

Training in the martial arts develops self-confidence, and conditions one’s self mentally and physically.  In addition to learning self-defense, karate appears to be the perfect exercise, not only for the body, but also for developing qualities of inner mental strength, positive character traits and leadership skills.

The karate student develops awareness, learning to avoid potentially threatening situations. Self-defense is learned through repetition of kicks, punches, blocks, partner drills and through the practice of combinations of techniques; free-sparring and self-defense techniques, including throwing opponents, are added as students advance.

Traditional Shido-kan Karate classes cultivate:

* Courtesy           * Self-Discipline
* Modesty           * Perseverance
* Integrity         * Self-Confidence

Preschool Classes for Ages 4-6

We coordinate with the preschools where we teach to bring the children to class, sit with them during lunch or snack  and help them change into their uniforms for class. Parents may also bring their children to class and stay and observe if desired.

Our preschool children are taught all of the fundamentals of Shido-kan karate as the core curriculum is the same for all ages. Drills are varied, challenging and fun to keep students engaged and active during the entire class. Age-appropriate anti-bullying and stranger awareness lessons  are incorporated into classes.

Classes promote self-control, self-discipline, courtesy and respect for others. Children learn to take turns, follow directions, and be mindful of others in class. Children overcome their anxieties about trying new things or fear of not succeeding with encouragement and mature instruction in a supportive environment. Our traditional classes develop focus and concentration. Improved self-esteem is usually noticed in just the first few months of classes!

Youth Classes (ages 6-12)

Our youth classes cultivate self-control, modesty, integrity, perseverance and positive thinking. Every student is encouraged to give their full effort, with individualized instruction to help them achieve their personal best in every class. Traditional karate instruction promotes focus, concentration and discipline which foster academic success.

Classes incorporate training in all hand and leg techniques, stances, kata, partner drills, (non-contact sparring techniques), kumites, and age-appropriate self-defense. As students advance, instruction in throws, break-falling techniques, bunkai and contact free sparring will be introduced. Students also receive stretching, conditioning and strengthening exercises before and during class.

Teen/Adult Classes

Teens and Adults of any age, size and strength will find traditional karate classes to be mentally stimulating and uplifting. The adult student obtains a sense of peace and relaxation from training as work concerns and personal life are left behind when entering the “dojo” – the traditional karate training area.

Shido-kan Karate Classes will help Teens & Adults:

  • Reduce Stress
  • Develop Strength and Flexibility
  • Improve Mental Focus
  • Learn Self-Defense
  • Develop Leadership Skills
  • Enhance Self-Confidence

Classes incorporate proper stretching, breathing and conditioning exercises in addition to: basic hand and leg techniques, stances, kata, kumite, bunkai, partner drills, throws, break-falling, and self-defense techniques. Karate training improves balance, posture, coordination, agility and strength as all of the main muscle groups are used during class. Aerobic conditioning is incorporated in drills requiring speed and repetition of techniques.

The adult classes are taught in a friendly and supportive environment, with encouragement provided on an individualized basis, taking into consideration any limitations (knee or shoulder pain, for example). Everyone can learn Okinawan Shido-kan karate and everyone is welcomed.

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